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Dear Morocco Travelers

Welcome to the kingdom of Morocco, where Christians, Jews and Muslims live in harmony, and African, Islamic, Arab, Berber and European influences mix to create and exotic allure.

Welcome to a unique and wondrous locale.

Welcome to the special world of In Morocco Tours.

Morocco offers you an enviable glimpse of the Sahara desert; its lush oases and earthen architecture.

This golden spot of the world offers the magnificent Atlas Mountains, a side of Morocco that only In Morocco Tours can help you discover.

You like to hike or trek?

Come, we will bring you the sophisticated Imperial Cities of Marrakech, Rabat, Meknes and especially Fez, on a golden platter.

Yes! Fez, this exceptional junction, often considered the world’s best example of a living medieval city. Please add us to your favorite list.

Be confident that we can put the pieces of your traveling experiences together just for you, closely with you. Find the peace of mind your life always needed.

If you’re looking for a high quality and personalized small group or private tour of Morocco, you’ve turned to the right trip planner crew.

Here, at In Morocco Tours, you will enjoy both: finest customer service and close personalized attention.

Because you expect, you’ve chosen the best.

Plan your trip with us and receive the care you need.

We will design an itinerary that reflects your interests, passions, and philosophy about travel.

We will provide you with background information, reading suggestions and even bargaining hints.


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Othmane Chakir



Omar Hassi

Trekking Guide

Born in 1971, in a small village on the southern slope of the High Atlas. I spent most of my childhood with my parents in Middelt, a village in the middle of the mountains. Later I moved to Ouarzazate, afterwards to Marrakesh for my studies. But the mountains have always stayed on my heart and mind. So I started a professional training and graduated as a mountain guide with a state-approved degree in 1994. Since then, as my passion also became my profession, I have been travelling throughout Morocco as a guide to accompany people on the trip of their dreams.

Houria Naji

Sales Agent

Houria Naji is a Moroccan American based in the state of Virginia . Raised in Fez, Morocco with deep passion and love to the Moroccan culture, Houria is an expert on Morocco sightseeing. Her long experience in travel and hospitality is a great asset to Ouasis and her exceptional communication skills make it easy on our partners and client to get the best services and the ultimate solutions.

Anas Ouardi

Professional Driver

Native Moroccan Driver from fes