cooking class in fez

Fes Cooking Class

Enjoy with in morocco an amazing fes cooking class


The most exciting and tempting part while visiting Morocco would certainly be the famous Moroccan cuisine, the perfect mixture of the colourful ingredients and the fragrant smell and the strong flavorous Moroccan spices would make you fall in love with every dish you taste and every corner you go.


Our Fes cooking class would closely introduce you to the mysterious secrets of the irresistible Moroccan plates. Local food can teach you a lot about a culture’s traditions and history, but when it comes to the Moroccan food there will be millions of sides and stuff to discover, as the Moroccan cuisine is basically influenced by Morocco’s interactions and exchanges with other cultures and nations over the centuries, as you can easily notice the perfect mix of Mediterranean, Arabic, Andalusian and Berber Amazigh cuisine.


Our Fes cooking Class today will be exactly in the beating heart of Morocco, The Old Fes City. Fes is a perfect destination for cookery classes, as it a very rich city is rich, both in terms of the large ancient history and the breadth of variable ingredients, and flavoured with a host of spices from all over the world, particularly India, such as the strongly smelling cumin, perfect cinnamon and strong ginger.


We will be your Fes Guide to make you master outstanding Moroccan dishes and salads, you would be able after you Fes cooking class to professionally cook any Moroccan plate with a an obvious Moroccan artistic touch, You would first start by a Tour in The Souk “ Moroccan Traditional Markets” to carefully choose your typical ingredients in order to perfectly cook the tempting Couscous, The colourful vegetables Tajine, The Mouth Watering spicy Barbecue, The Majestic dish of Bastila and all cuisine wonders with the help of our native professional and English speaking Chefs, and eventually taste your own handmade dishes.



Your Fes Cooking class is your best option as you immerse yourself in the remarkable rich culture and get to experience to real simple life of the Authentic Morocco.



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